With my love of the outdoors and specialist training in ecotherapy, I have integrated nature into my coaching and supervision practice when it is appropriate to do so. This involves much more complexity than simply taking a client out of the office and offers infinite potential. Here are examples of some aspects requiring particular expertise and attention:

  • Assessing when taking a client outdoors is (in)appropriate.
  • Contracting, and spot contracting, for working together in an unpredictable, more democratic environment.
  • Ensuring psychological containment in an uncontained open space and varying the natural setting to finetune its holding impact.
  • Drawing on the dynamic aspects of nature to accelerate internal processing (e.g. through the lenses of metaphor, Gestalt, mindfulness, somatic noticing for client and practitioner.)

NEW for 2019

Specialist supervision groups in London parks:
Inviting nature in as dynamic co-partner

Are you an experienced coach already ‘walking and talking’ with your coachees?

Would you like to learn how to:
*optimise the impact of integrating nature into your coaching?
*create psychological safety and containment for working outdoors?
*use the natural environment to deepen your inquiry into your own practice?

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Please contact me if you would like to discuss this or any other supervision options.


Meyler Campbell:
Using the outside to explore the inside, Regent’s Park, 25 April 2019

Association for Coaching:
Nature as dynamic co-partner, Brighton, 13 June 2019 6pm


Nature as Dynamic Co-Partner Workshop:
St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, 21 September 2019 – Download Flyer