Fellow, CIPD. Psychological Safety Index accredited.

Leadership team development

Senior teams who seem to get on well together are not always the most productive – sometimes leaders need to learn how to have difficult conversations with each other safely and constructively in order to perform to their full potential. I am accredited in the Psychological Safety Index as a tool for teams to benchmark and develop their degree of interpersonal trust as a vehicle for inclusion and innovation.

I am often invited in to assist teams to develop a deeper level of listening, honesty, challenge and support for each other so that the rest of the organisation can benefit from consistency and authenticity in their leadership.

Culture change

I support organisations wanting to embed complex change. Cultural change is a fundamental component of the success of any major change programme in order to achieve optimal results.

My support may include helping the senior team to consult with the rest of the organisation to envision a new culture and developing a leadership framework to underpin this. For my third sector clients, there is the often the additional challenge of engaging volunteers with the change.